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• The Academia Planet, CEO, 2009-Present

• Independent Consultant & Researcher & Instructor, 1992-Present

Clients: Commercial and Government

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Developed client-server Desktop Application for the U.S. government to monitor and perform inspection for the construction, safety, and security standards of U.S. entities. The software was designed to be used worldwide. The application is operable on multi-platforms, and interfaces between hand devices and PCs.
  • Analyzed the existing systems using MIS concepts such as using Object Oriented Methodology and Work Flow Methodology
  • Designed GUI/Forms as front-end applications and constructed the back-end applications
  • Coded in VB6, SQL, CodeWarrior tools, C and C++
  • Created and implemented cryptography algorithms to ensure computer securities
  • Provided Courses and training for corporate clients
  • Modified/Add-on Borland C++ compiler
  • Developed Interactive Database systems
  • Developed network applications and applets taking advantage of Java’s networking APIs using Java
  • Developed generic database API’s. Programmers used my API tools to develop and design software applications.
  • Analyzed existing systems using MIS concepts by using Object Oriented Methodology
  • Designed the API tools
  • Programmed using C, C++
  • Created and administered Statistical Systems SS and Economics Systems ES
  • Designed simulator for graphical statistical calculations and analysis
  • Programmed in C, C++, Pascal, and COBOL
  • Produced Macros with SPSS tools
  • Developed Digital Image Processing (DIP) Application using Java and C
  • Developed Network Security. In addition to maintaining the desired security, the security protocol was configured to capture information about all attacks, both internal and external, including the attacker's profile, moves, and strategies. The captured information provided valuable data for refining and fine-tuning security
  • Designed Fingerprint Application for the Key Stroke
  • Designed Network Security by employing Honeypot techniques
    Tools involved Tripwire, Snort, Firewall, IP-tables, Ethereal/Tethereal, Programming Languages, and Statistical Models
  • Analyzed all captured data for the internal and the external attacker
  • Analyzed and characterized all the threats
  • Determine and characterize who did the attack, and what type of attack used
  • Determine what is the best defense to improve and achieve the desired level of security
  • Created Payroll systems
  • Built Sales systems
  • Developed Accounting system tasks
  • Developed Inventory
  • Troubleshooting under WINDOWS
  • Analyzed existing systems using MIS Methodologies
  • Modified and upgraded existing software applications to reach the optimization solutions
  • Designed API/GUI for Database Information System (DBI)
  • Modified inventory systems
  • Developed Accounting systems
  • Modified IBM PC’s “DOS” enhancing functionality for the operating system using C, C++, and Assembly language
  • Modified/Add-on Borland Pascal compiler
  • Developed Payroll systems