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Brief Bio:

Dr. Abdelrahman Desoky is a scientist and an ambitious Computer Engineering Doctorate with over seventeen years experience in the computer field. He is an experienced educator at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Furthermore, he has industrial expertise in developing full life cycle systems such as software, hardware, security, and telecommunications/networks.

Dr. Desoky received a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) from the University of Maryland and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) from the George Washington University; both degrees are in Computer Engineering. His Doctoral Dissertation is entitled “Nostega: A Novel Noiseless Steganography Paradigm.” The paradigm explores the topic of noiseless steganography, which refers to the science and art of covert communications. Nostega provides a way to secure information in static stage and during data transmission to a legitimate recipient. His M.Sc. degree concentrated on Computer Architecture and Networks. His research is entitled “Security Architecture for Computers and Networks.”

Dr. Desoky believes that education never stops regardless of the highest degree one holds. Therefore, he is committed to pursue knowledge at all times. Some of his hobbies are chess, watching nature, ping pong, soccer, and he is a bird enthusiast. He writes also poems and enjoys painting abstract and classic art. He acquired his skills from his wonderful parents, self-study, courses, etc. Dr. Desoky is determined that a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising, is imperative to a healthy mind that enables innovation.