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Selected GRANTS:

• Principal Investigator (PI): US Dept of Energy STTR/SBIR Grant $225,000 (9 month), 2017- February - June.

• Cybersecurity Program Director (CPD): Built the Cybersecurity Academic Program and Cybersecurity Labs by K-20 Cybersecurity Workforce Pipeline Grant $25 million. The grant is for multiple institutions that have been awarded by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) over the next five years for cybersecurity education. Claflin University’s share nearly $2 million, 2015- Present.

• Collaborator/Participant: NSF MRI: Acquisition of a Cyberinstrument for Interdisciplinary Computational Science and Engineering, Grant nearly $1 million, with Dr. Amy Apon - Clemson University as the Principal Investigator. (2017- October 1st - 2020, September 17)

• Collaborator/Participant: HUMAN CENTERED ENGINEERED SYSTEMS FOR HOLISTIC LIVING LOI grant to NSF with - Clemson University (Submitted)

• Other grants submitted/in-process/pending.